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gordan at bobich.net gordan at bobich.net
Thu Jun 5 15:41:04 UTC 2008

I use a number of similar spec machines, so that's not the problem. The 
chances are that you have a configuration problem somewhere. What version 
of glusterfs are you using? What do your volume configs contain?


On Thu, 5 Jun 2008, Victor San Pedro wrote:

> Hello.
> I have been testing glusterfs with some old computers and I would like
> to ask a couple of questions...
> The PC's are 3 Compaq Desktop PIII 600MHz with 128 Mb RAM. They are
> running Ubuntu without gdm, because of the low memory.
> These machines are working as glusterfs servers.
> The other two machines are P IV with plenty of RAM and processor. One of
> then is working as glusterfs client and the other one as server.
> The configuration is 1 Unify over 2 AFRs.
> Configurations with AFR over STRIPE and opposite have not worked for me
> in the machines previously specified. The debug does not reply an error,
> but glusterfs is unabailable to work with these configurations.
> With 1 Unify over 2 AFRs, I wrote some .jpgs on the glusterfs directory
> ok, but when I tried to open one of them, it took arround one minute to
> open it. This is from my point of view, a NOT very good performance in
> deep. Which could be the problem???
> I have been testing the memory % and the old cpus seem to be capable of
> managing with the process load.
> The debug reflect the read of the file, but there is like an intermedite
> blank time. I do not understand why happens, and it delays the load of
> the .jpg for too much time.
> When these blank times happen, no process are working in memory neither
> glusterfs process, and it is like glusterfs would have been waiting for
> a process or something to finish in order to continue reading the file.
> Do you know what is happening?
> Could be a process attached to both files at the AFR in order to check
> their synchronization?
> Is it a normal behavior on glusterfs?
> How could I improve my performance?
> Fit these old machines that I have the specifications of glusterfs in
> order to work properly?
> Thanks for your help.
> Victor.
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