[Gluster-devel] Debian package for glusterfs 1.3.9

Cedric Veilleux cveilleux at neopeak.com
Mon Jun 2 21:01:08 UTC 2008


I must admit I did not make change to the way the init.d is installed so
if it was not working in the 1.3.8-0pre2 packages already posted in the
wiki it most probably still does not work.

When talking about seperating the binary packages, I suppose you are
talking about seperating -client and -server packages? Since there is
now only one binary shipped (glusterfs) that acts both as client and
server, I don't see the point of splitting the packages...

Your other points regarding depending on lsb-base, using debhelper
scripts and fixing the init.d seems all very valid and if you know how
to fix all these problems it would be great if you did..

I made my source package for 1.3.9 available at:


Improvements welcome.



Le dimanche 01 juin 2008 à 18:56 -0300, Andre Felipe Machado a écrit :
> Hello,
> IMHO, the packaging needs a bit more minor improvements before
> uploading. The init.d is not being installed correctly with 1.3.9. (I
> did not evaluate Mr. Cedric's patch yet. Could it be sent to my
> address?). Beyond the trivial file name issue, it is not installing the
> init.d script completely and correctly at a Debian machine the "debian
> way", leveraging the debhelper tools for these tasks. Also, as a
> suggestion, the samples  placed at /etc/glusterfs/ could be renamed
> (worse alternative) or the init.d script modified for using the
> CONFIGFILE parameter for the same name without ".sample" (better
> alternative), leaving the file names as they are. The user will know
> that editing file and simply removing the ".sample" suffix will work. 
> It is even possible to place them as "final" names, without ".sample" ,
> configuring only for localhost, and using debhelper for configuration
> files. 
> This way, if user modifies the files (and he/she should), 
> the debconf will know that and offer to preserve/merge/substitute them. 
> Or these sample files moved to /etc/default (using only localhost) and 
> init script adapted for using them. 
> Also, the init script uses functions of lsb-base, and the debian
> control file does not list it as a dependency. The init.d glusterfsd
> script uses double commands, for RH and for Debian, I guess. A correct
> implementation of LSB init scripts could use different options and a
> simpler script. The Debian start-stop-daemon is using "--startas"
> option. Could this option allow duplicated instances of the daemon (if
> the previous test status is removed)? The "--exec" options checks if a
> previous instance is running and exits with error, or when used with
> "--oknodo"  ignores it and starts another instance, like "--startas".
> Is it correct? If so, is it the intended behaviour for glusterfsd?
> The rules file is almost not using the debhelper scripts, that could 
> make things easier for packagers.
> There are some hints, and extensive bibliography (External useful
> links), 
> that could help at the page:
> How to split a package into several smaller packages - How to create
> multiple binaries packages from one source package.  [0]
> I hope these help.
> Regards.
> Andre Felipe Machado
> http://www.techforce.com.br
> [0] http://wiki.debian.org/PkgSplit
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