[Gluster-devel] Re: [Gluster-users] Gluster on tcp ip compared to infiniband

Anand Babu Periasamy ab at zresearch.com
Sun Jul 20 08:22:40 UTC 2008

Yes, there is a significant performance difference between Infiniband
and GigE. Infiniband's latency is 1us and bandwidth is 20Gbps (40 Gbps
capable already) . GigE's latency is between 30 to 100us at 1Gbps.
Infiniband has become affordable. For example, Flextronics 8-port
Infiniband switch costs $2,824. Flextronics 24-port Infiniband DDR
switch costs $7,609.  Cisco, Voltaire IB switches are slightly more
expensive, but still way too cheaper than 10GigE.

Here is a good summary:

When you use Infiniband, GlusterFS uses RDMA (remote direct memory
access) for communication. Meaning, TCP/IP and local/remote
CPUs are bypassed.

10GigE is still not mature and very expensive.

Hope this helps.
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Jean Spirat wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have seen the benchmarks on the gluster website and i wondered if 
> there is a big difference between infiniband and tcp/ip performances. 
> Anyone can share some stats on this i do not know the infiniband 
> technology at all.
> regards,
> Jean.
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