[Gluster-devel] compile error

chawkins at bplinux.com chawkins at bplinux.com
Fri Jul 18 11:34:28 UTC 2008

version 4.2.52 is installed on the failing machine. Berkeley db-devel is not installed on the node where compile succeeds , and the configure script detects this correctly. 

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Having a problem compiling 3.0 branch tla checkout... On one machine (one cpu, centos, vanilla kernel ), it compiles fine. On another (smp, dual xeon, centos, 2.6.9-67.0.20.ELsmp) it crashes (see below). This is the first time I have tried to compile on this box, so it may not be something from the last patch, but something from 3.0 in general. The latest tarball from 1.3.9 compiles ok. Looks like the bdb code? 

what is the BDB version installed on that machine? 


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