[Gluster-devel] Exporting filesystems 1 per server port

John Marshall John.Marshall at ec.gc.ca
Thu Jul 17 14:55:15 UTC 2008

David Mayr - Hetzner Online AG wrote:
>> [...]
>> One of the difficulties I have had when firing up multiple glusterfsd
>> servers is in identifying what each is serving (of course, on the server
>> side). Is there a simple way to determine this? E.g., to get info like:
>>     pid      port   exporting
>>     1234     7000   /mnt/xyz
>>     2001     7001   /mnt/abc
>>     ...
> Try "lsof -i"

That is a useful tool but
1) it does not help to identify the exported filesystem
2) lsof does not report anything when using the SDP transport

Perhaps I would extend the desired info to be:
    pid   transport   port   exporting
    1234  tcp         7000   /mnt/xyz
    2001  ib-sdp      7001   /mnt/abc

Ideally, this would all be wrapped up in a glusterfs tool which
may or may not do stuff like lsof. I suspect that glusterfs would
be able to do things more simply because it knows "stuff" that a
mishmash of other tools would not.


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