[Gluster-devel] Re: Unify issues...

Антон Халиков anton at khalikov.ru
Tue Jul 1 06:02:59 UTC 2008

Hello Dmitry

You seem to have exactly the same problem as I did (you may find my
topic here dated month ago with subject "What does it mean (unify bug
This problem was fixed in latest tla releases. Specially I use
QA-release from here:
and it seems to work fine.

> When I coping many files to the unify over 2 afrs mount point it sometimes
> places files on afr1 and one node of afr2. So I'm getting I/O errors because
> file may exist only in one unify's subvolume (i.e. only in one afr).
> GlusterFS 1.3.9 (release, not tla).

Best regards,
Anton Khalikov

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