[Gluster-devel] building rpm off tla

Matt Paine matt at mattsoftware.com
Tue Jan 22 04:28:49 UTC 2008

matthew zeier wrote:

>> rpmbuild -ta glusterfs.xxxx.tar.gz --without python
>> Would this be acceptable?
> Probably - only confusing in the sense that I had already run 
> ../configure with that option and didn't expect to have to do anything 
> with python again.

I gave it a crack anyway :)

Before running ./configure, could you dump this spec file into your 
tree.... http://www.mattsoftware.com/temp/glusterfs/glusterfs.spec.in

Its untested, and the without python switch is experimental (I dont have 
time to test it out at the minute) but If your willing to be a guinea 
pig, then your feedback would be appreciated.

If the devs think it to be acceptable, I may be able to pass all the 
parameters given to ./configure through to the configure command in the 
spec file - i might need a hand with the .in file though (does anyone 
know or can hint how to do this?) If its worthwhile doing, then I'll do 
my best to do that.

Personally I do not think this to be useful, as the spec file generated 
will be better suited to be generic instead of specific. But thats just 
my opinion :)

However for the time being my spec file now has three options....

--without ibverbs
--without client
--without python

Any more I should add while I'm at it ????


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