[Gluster-devel] Re: Trying to setup afr 2 server 1 client following the example on the wiki

Sascha Ottolski ottolski at web.de
Fri Jan 18 07:35:25 UTC 2008

Am Freitag 18 Januar 2008 04:00:06 schrieb Anand Avati:
> Brandon,
>  which is the fuse kernel module version you are using? please with
> the fuse kernel module from -
> http://ftp.zresearch.com/pub/gluster/glusterfs/fuse/old/fuse-2.7.0.ta

wouldn't you recommend 2.7.0-glfs7, then?

> we have been seeing some perf issues with small files while
> write-behind is on. can you try with an untar of large files, with
> write-behind on?

interesting, i didn't investigate it thorougly engough, but my 
impression so far was, that write-behind as well as read-ahead doesn't 
make much of a difference for very small files, neither good nor bad.

Cheers, Sascha

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