[Gluster-devel] About gluster on 32 bits

Timothy Russell tgrussell at eiu.edu
Wed Jan 16 00:31:14 UTC 2008

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I am putting together a 32-bit cluster and have had some difficulty in compiling the iso from the source. I first note (for your reference) that two of the commands listed in the message are incorrect (as I found out after a little frustration). The command given as:

$ export $PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/gluster-toolchain-on32-32-64/bin

needs to have the '$' character omitted from the first $PATH, otherwise errors abound (I am using Debian, so if this is a distribution-specific problem, please forgive; I didn't test elsewhere). Also, 

wget -Ptarballs -nH http://ftp.zresearch.com/pub/gluster/external/*

doesn't work, because wget won't parse wildcards (same caveat).  Now to the meat of my quandry.  Small problems aside, I worked my way down to the step where make is invoked, but the buck stops there.  Every time I run make, it runs for 1-2 hours, at which time it will die, complaining that it couldn't find some file in the /tarballs directory.  A wget is invoked within make, and it tries to download from http://ftp.zresearch.com/pub/gluster/external/(missing-file.tar.gz), an effort which fails every time.  The missing file is always one that is already on the server (and hence in my /tarballs directory), but with a different version number.  I have gone through about 5 or 6 rounds of this, and at ~2 hours/attempt it is becoming more than a little troublesome.  I regret to say that I haven't recorded and don't remember the files which have caused this behavior, but I have soldiered on and found and downloaded each one in succession (from various and sundry sites, since they are not on your server).  I have finally run into a problem which I cannot surmount, however, with iputils.  The version on your server is iputils_20020927.tar.gz, but make chokes looking for iputils_20070202.tar.gz.  I have found copies of this file in a very few different sources, but every time I download this file, there is some error (the tarball is corrupted or it's missing files when it unpacks, etc.).  Can you please tell me how to fix this problem, or--even better--how to get make to want only the versions of the files you have posted.  Thank you for your time and assistance.

Tim Russell
Eastern Illinois University

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