[Gluster-devel] RPM success on OpenSuSE 10.3 -> OpenSuSE10.1 setup

Angel clist at uah.es
Tue Jan 15 20:23:05 UTC 2008


Finally i got the rpms made on my OpeSuSE 10.3 from 1.3.8 (tla636)

Ive replaced my 1.3.7 setup on Laptop (Os10.3)  and desktop (Os10.1) and still runs fine.

Configuration is too simple but is in production :-P

Laptop { Gluster Client }  ==> (Openvpn over ADSL 4Mb/1Mb ) ==> Desktop { Gluster-Server }

write-back (io-cache(read-ahead(client))) ----> server(io-threads(posix-brick))

Configuration achieves link max capacity (nfs was also hitting the top) but writeback 
improves the low upload experience.

Next, the fancy features ( over ADSL!!) ill try to join all my servers (SLES 9.0) spare room and test 
afr and unify features on my office desktop and next move them to the client.

PS: ¿What about a NULL translator? pass data and metadata along the path , no processing at all.
Just for the masses to start learning glusterfs internals easy.

Regards, Angel Alvarez

Clist UAH

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