[Gluster-devel] mysql on glusterfs

Jeff Humes jeff at bofus.org
Mon Jan 14 17:15:38 UTC 2008

Not a problem and Thank You for working on this issue!

Do I need only to update fuse on the server?  or on all (server and 


Vikas Gorur wrote:
> Jeff:
> Sorry for the inordinate delay in responding to this issue. Vacation
> time for everyone :)
> The MySQL+GlusterFS issue appears to have been fixed. The problem was
> FUSE was sending us the Thread ID of the thread holding the lock,
> which confused posix-locks when locking/unlocking was done from two
> different threads.
> This patched FUSE fixes the problem:
> http://gnu.zresearch.com/~avati/fuse-2.7.2-glfs8.tar.gz
> It works for me. Please do try it and let us know if it works for you.
> Vikas

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