[Gluster-devel] Problems with GlusterFS and rm -r

Paolo Agazzone aga at intercom.it
Tue Jan 8 16:32:42 UTC 2008

Dear community,

I am experiencing some problems with glusterfs. I am using TLA version patch 
628, with OpenSuSE 10.3 and fuse-2.7.2 (OpenSuSE distribution version).

I have 4 servers each with 2 x 750Gb discs. I configured them this way:


The config is identical in each server, but names begin with ss2 on the second 
server, ss3 on the third and ss4 on the fourth.

The client, which is phisically located on the first server, right now, is 
configured this way:


I created a tree with many files inside simply coping my /var directory in the 

glusterfs -f /etc/glusterfs/client.vol /mnt -l client.log -N -L DEBUG

cp -a /var /mnt

if I try to rm the directory, I always get this error, at random points:

# rm -r /mnt/var
rm: FATAL: cannot open .. from `/mnt/var/lib/zypp/db/languages': Transport 
endpoint is not connected

Here is the log of the client:

Here is the log of one of the four servers:

Does anyone have some hints?

Thanks in advance!

Paolo Agazzone               aga at intercom.it    http://blog.agazzone.it/
Linux Reg. User: #205873            Vaprio d'Agogna (NO) - Italy

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