[Gluster-devel] du -sh takes extremly long

Sascha Ottolski ottolski at web.de
Fri Jan 4 13:42:38 UTC 2008


I'm wondering, has this to do with the disabled stat-prefetch translator? I 
have a unify over 2 afr (2 bricks each) volume, spanning 2 servers that afr 
each other. A "du -sh somedir" takes no time on each server directly (one has 
82 MB, the other 84 MB in somedir, coming from ~10.500 files files on each 
server (in a heavy neseted directory structure).

If I do a "du -sh subdir" on the client, it takes like some minutes until the 
166 MB result is ready.

Test is done on latest tla checkout.

Thanks, Sascha

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