[Gluster-devel] any chance of glusterfs on freebsd?

Jordi Moles jordi at cdmon.com
Wed Jan 2 10:34:24 UTC 2008

Hi, i've been using glusterfs for a while from debian-like systems.

Now i need to do add some freebsd machines and i've been trying to 
compile gluterfs 1.3.x on a freebsd system with no luck.

Some people have stated they have achieved this after applying some 
patches to some .c files. The thing is that there were some lines the 
compiler wouldn't understand...
but i don't even get to that part. When i run the ./configure script, i 
always get this message:


checking for ld... /usr/bin/ld
checking for pthread_mutex_init in -lpthread... yes
checking for dlopen... yes
checking for fuse_req_interrupt_func in -lfuse... no
configure: error: fuse-2.6.x is needed to build the glusterfs client. 
Download it from http://fuse.sourceforge.net. You can disable client 
build by passing --disable-fuse-client to configure. Note that you will 
not be able to mount glusterfs without the fuse client


i've installed any port which contains "fuse" in the name, modified 
system vars, paths, etc, but i keep getting this message.

Has anyone faced this problem? What am i doing wrong? how do other 
people manage to get through the configure script?

Thank you.

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