[Gluster-devel] memory leak with 2.5--patch-628

Sascha Ottolski ottolski at web.de
Tue Jan 1 23:02:39 UTC 2008

Am Dienstag 01 Januar 2008 20:48:16 schrieben Sie:
> memory consuption of the client is largely governed by how the kernel
> component shrinks the dcache. Every looked up dcache/inode entry holds a
> malloc'ed structure, which is free'd only when the kernel shrinks its
> dcache. and shrinking of dcache depends on the amount of RAM and a lot of
> other factors.
> avati


thanks for the information. BTW, do any recommendations exist about how much 
memory to put into clients and servers? I suppose, the more the better, to 
allow the kernel to have large buffer and cache spaces?

Thanks again,


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