[Gluster-devel] Re: High CPU usage -- any way to reduce cpu load?

Hannes Dorbath light at theendofthetunnel.de
Fri Feb 29 18:47:07 UTC 2008

billy cokalopolous wrote:
> Just like mysql server causing glusterfs & glusterfsd high cpu load when
> mounted on glusterfs, 5 concurrent md5sum operations on a 300MB file cause
> the same high cpu usage for glusterfs and glusterfsd (see below)

Not an answer to your question, but running a database on a network file 
systems is in general considered a very bad idea. Look into block level 
based replication for a DBMS (DRBD, ENBD, iSCSI, AoE, FC, etc).

Best regards,
Hannes Dorbath

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