[Gluster-devel] latest TLA has demon showing up as [glusterfs]

Anand Avati avati at zresearch.com
Fri Feb 29 11:13:40 UTC 2008

 in the latest codebase, there are no more server and client programs. there
is just one glusterfs (and glusterfsd is a symlink to glusterfs). it behaves
either as a client or server according to the volume spec file given.

 if the glusterfs program is passed a mountpoint it attaches a fuse
translator in a hardcoded way, so this preserves backward compatibility. The
new model also allows both protocol/server and mount/fuse (mountability) in
the same spec file which can be a performance improvement in NUFA mode of


2008/2/29, Mickey Mazarick <mic at digitaltadpole.com>:
> This is very minor but it did break a kill script I wrote.
> When I run the latest build, the server daemon shows up as:
> [glusterfs]
> in the process list.
> Just an FYI :-)
> Thanks!
> -Mickey Mazarick
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