[Gluster-devel] AFR between two bricks over 3000 miles

nathan at robotics.net nathan at robotics.net
Thu Feb 28 04:55:23 UTC 2008

Is it possible to afr between two bricks in CA and NY with decent 
response time with each system? The hosts are configured as client and 
server, but so far my tests have been with afr on the client side only.

In testing I am getting very slow write times, my hope was with AFR was 
writes / reeds would be close to the speed of local since I am using the 
NUFA scheduler in the client.

Should I move AFR and NUFA to the server rather then the client? Ideally, 
writes would hit the local box at its write speed and start transfer data 
to the remove AFR until finished no slowing down local response time. Now 
I understand that may not be possible, but what about at least having 
say an 8 meg window so the system would be much more responsive with 
smaller files, yet not get stuck with two sites modifying the same file.

Thanks for the help, there has got to be a better solution then 

Nathan Stratton
nathan at robotics.net

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