[Gluster-devel] io-threads confusion

Sascha Ottolski ottolski at web.de
Wed Feb 27 09:42:29 UTC 2008


this whole io-threads business makes me nuts. In my tests with 
webservers serving many small images, I could never see remarkable 
difference when playing with io-threads, neither on server nor on 
client side.

besides that, it still confuses me how to know which settings are 
recommended. in on posting is said, io-threads on the client may help:


in some other postings, it's said it doesn't have an effect on 
client-side, i.e.:


and it still remains unclear (at least to me) how many threads should be 
configured. if I understand that each thread handles one request 
parallel to the others, than if I have 1000 parallel request, wouldn't 
I want to set io-threads to a similar high number?

say I have 3 webservers, each handling 100 requests in parallel, all 
using the same glusterfs mount.

should it improve performance if I

- set io-threads to 100 on each client
- set io-threads to 300 on the server


Thanks once again,


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