[Gluster-devel] Hard mounts?

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 16 23:59:16 UTC 2008

Hi list,

I just discovered glusterfs recently, which kind of
puzzles me, why haven't I heard of it before?  I have
looked for something like it for quite a while now!
Much about glusterfs just seems more "correct" than
many other solutions.  It seems more scalable, and I
mean that in both ways, up and down.  Many of the
other solutions neglect the down part.

Anyway, I have a question.  Is there anyway to make a
glusterfs mount be "hard" the way that nfs filesystems
can be mounted "hard"?  I would like a process to
block if the server is down until the server returns. 
Currently if I run a "ls" on filesystem when the
server is down I get:

ls: /music: Transport endpoint is not connected

If this is not currently possible, is it in the



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