[Gluster-devel] May issues with GLuster

Rohan rohan.thale at moneycontrol.com
Fri Feb 8 10:56:39 UTC 2008

I think it's coming for all directory listing.

ls -l /gfs-data/mailbox/0/

2008-02-08 16:24:40 E [fuse-bridge.c:431:fuse_entry_cbk] glusterfs-fuse:
319446: /mailbox => -1 (116)
2008-02-08 16:24:40 E [fuse-bridge.c:431:fuse_entry_cbk] glusterfs-fuse:
319447: /mailbox/0 => -1 (116)
2008-02-08 16:24:40 E [fuse-bridge.c:431:fuse_entry_cbk] glusterfs-fuse:
319452: /mailbox/0/0 => -1 (116)

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Just entries in log.



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  do you get an error in the shell where you execute command? or just
entries in the log file?


2008/2/8, Rohan <rohan.thale at moneycontrol.com>:

I'm getting this error every time I list the base directory only. E.g

ls -l  /gfs-data/



I'm not getting this error if I list the inside folder or a specific file.

ls -l  /gfs-data/file1GB.txt 








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