[Gluster-devel] Daemon dying, I killed it! <sob>

Jim Richardson jrichardson at cardomain.com
Fri Oct 12 18:22:33 UTC 2007

Backtrace on pastebin:


I have a 3 node setup, each node is both client and server. I had run
glusterfs with -L DEBUG, and was running bonnie on one of the nodes,
while each node was writing and reading files through a perl script. 

While running this set, one or another of the daemons on the nodes *not*
running bonnie would die, pretty reliably if I gave it a few minutes. 

I repeated this several times. 

I then ran glusterfs with -L WARNING and could not reliably duplicate
it, although I did have one daemon die once, but I was doing a couple
other things on that box at the time and haven't been able to duplicate

This is all with 1.3.5 of glusterfs, and the patched 2.7.0 fuse stuff,
on Centos5 w/linux 2.6.18-8.1.10 running on PIV SMP (HT) boxes. More
details available if needed. 

Jim Richardson | CarDomain Network
Sr. System Administrator

jrichardson at cardomain.com | tel 206.926.2158 | cell 206.769-7327

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