[Gluster-devel] glusterfs client crash

Matthias Albert gluster at linux4experts.de
Tue Oct 2 08:23:41 UTC 2007


5 minutes ago, I began to delete a huge file (147 Gig) from my glusterfs
storage client. This file was written over the last night from bacula.
While looking for the "rm command"  I got this

"rm: Entfernen von „Full-Linux-Server-bacula-0003“ nicht möglich: Der
Socket ist nicht verbunden"
"rm: Removing from „Full-Linux-Server-bacula-0003“ isn't possible:
socket is not connected.

After looking in my glusterfs client log I saw this.

got signal (11), printing backtrace

# Client side
fuse: fuse-2.7.0-glfs4
glusterfs: tla 502
AFR enabled with extended attributes

glusterfs server Setup with  4 servers

gluster1   - gluster2 = AFR1, 2 (300 Gig)
150 Gig       150 Gig (AFR1)
150 Gig       150 Gig (AFR2)

gluster3    - gluster4 = AFR 3,4,5 (550 Gig)
250 Gig       250 Gig (AFR3)
150 Gig       150 Gig (AFR4)
150 Gig       150 Gig (AFR5)

total afr storage: ~ 850 Gig (brutto 1700 Gig -> AFR :2)

glusterfs-client: unify over afr1-5; namespace over seperate volumes
from gluster1-4



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