[Gluster-devel] distributed locking

Székelyi Szabolcs cc at avaxio.hu
Fri Nov 30 17:38:18 UTC 2007

Brian Taber wrote:
> I have been running Dovecot and Postfix with a 2 brick setup and posix
> locking enabled on each brick for a while with no problems.  This is a
> Maildir setup...  Dovecot is setup to use fcntl for locking.... remember
> that gluster does not support flock as fuse does not support it...

Yes, I'm aware of this. But in your place, I would stop doing this until
the GlusterFS QA test runs successfully. If it doesn't, then not losing
data with such a setup is just a matter of luck. And for this storage
application, I can't accept the risk.

>> On Fri, 30 Nov 2007, Székelyi Szabolcs wrote:
>>> Everything works fine as long as I don't introduce locking, which is
>>> essential if one wishes to use the storage eg. as a backend for a mail
>>> server.
>> I'm sorry that I cannot answer your question, but do you have a choice in
>> what mail server to use? Those that use the Maildir format (Like for
>> example Postfix together with Courier-IMAP) does not need locking.

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