[Gluster-devel] Full bore.

Hans Einar Gautun einar.gautun at statkart.no
Fri Nov 16 13:16:09 UTC 2007

tor, 15,.11.2007 kl. 10.48 -0800, skrev Kevan Benson:
> Chris Johnson wrote:
> > On Thu, 15 Nov 2007, Kevan Benson wrote:

> I read an interesting overview of file system recoverability once from 
> an ext3 developer.  Basically, Ext3 view priority #1 as data integrity, 
> and all else flows from that.  he had some interesting things to say 
> about ReiserFS and even XFS (or was if JFS?).  Basically that ReiserFS 
> suffers from some major integrity problems in the case of crashes, and 
> even XFS (JFS?) has an issue to do with crashes in the middle of file 
> writes, such that a file being written to might be removed entirely (not 
> accessible at all) and unrecoverable if a crash happened at the right 
> point during the write process.  It was from an Ext3 developer though, 
> so you can read into that what you want.

I tested reiserfs vs xfs on a new and fast iron, filesize from 4k to
1MB. xfs was 2-3 times faster than reiserfs(v3,stable). Even a 40GB file
was faster on xfs.

I'm running 4 servers - glusterfs on xfs - in production.
But that said, I have experienced instant server kill on some occations
whitch may be from accessing corrupted files (from a xfs disk) and
trying to write them in glusterfs. Reading yours (Kevan) thoughts here
will make me take a new look at this possible file system problem.


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