[Gluster-devel] about Qluster FS configuration

Felix Chu felixchu at powerallnetworks.com
Fri Nov 16 07:48:23 UTC 2007

Hi all,


I am new user to this QlusterFS project. I just started the test in local
environment with 3 server nodes and 2 client nodes.


So far, it works fine and now I have two questions:


1.      I cannot understand the option related to "namespace" clearly. I
find that in most of the server conf files separated "DS" and "NS" volumes,
what is the purpose of it?


e.g. in


there are "ds" and "ns" volumes in this config

volume mailspool-ds

           type storage/posix

           option directory /home/export/mailspool



   volume mailspool-ns

           type storage/posix

           option directory /home/export/mailspool-ns



2.      In my testing environment, I applied the replication function to
replicate from one server to other 2 servers. Then I unplug one of the
server. On client side it still ok to access the mount point. After a
period, I up the unplugged server again and find that all data during the
outage period does not appear on this server. Any steps required to sync
data back to new recovered server? 



Felix Chu



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