[Gluster-devel] glusterfs as root filesystem

Christopher Hawkins chawkins at veracitynetworks.com
Wed Nov 14 13:02:55 UTC 2007

I took a slightly different approach and it works well so far... First you
need an initrd with the gluster executables and libraries, which I make and
update with this script:

# Update executables
for i in `find /sbin -iname "*gluster*"`
  do cp -vf $i $TROOT/bin/
# Update libraries
for i in `find /lib -iname "*gluster*"`
  do cp -vf $i $TROOT/lib/
# Rsync lib dir
rsync -av /lib/glusterfs/* $TROOT/lib/glusterfs/
exit 0

Then you put everything else you need in the initrd and tar it up / compress
it, boot it, and have it modprobe fuse and glusterfs -f /somefile_in_initrd
/some_local_dir. What I do first though, is have init build a few partitions
in ram and format them ext2, then mount glusterfs and copy some common stuff
into the ramdisks (which are really the root, not gluster) and create
symlinks to the subdirectories in the glusterfs filesystem. And this seems
to run Centos no problem... Gluster guys, any comments on a better way to do
this? It works great, but I imagine it could optimized for speed...


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has anyone tried using glusterfs as  root fs?

We are using openqrm as deployment/management system for our servers here.
With openqrm we can deploy both native machines and e.g. xen images. As root
Filesystem we are currently using NFS which isn't really fast.

Because we're using glusterfs for our backups and also for our Samba/NFS
Server it is close to use it also as root filesystem for our xen images.

I think the only thing we need is fuse in a initrd and the glusterfs binary
with the needed shared object files.

Any helpful suggestions?



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