[Gluster-devel] stat access does not change

Vincent Régnard vregnard at tbs-internet.com
Fri Nov 9 14:27:30 UTC 2007

Daniel van Ham Colchete a écrit :
> Vicent,
> Although it can seen naive, I can bet this problem is happening at your 
> brick's posix. From what I understand, GlusterFS has no control over 
> writing or not writing atime. Can you do a "mount|grep noatime" at your 
> servers?
> If you do this test directly at the storage/posix brick, what happens?

You're right, my fault, I had noatime for the underlying filesystem. I
changed that on all server nodes remounted the partitions and restarted
all gluster servers and clients. Looks fine now :)).

Vincent Régnard
vregnard at tbs-internet.com
027 630 5902

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