[Gluster-devel] performance

Chris Johnson johnson at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 6 18:44:14 UTC 2007

On Tue, 6 Nov 2007, Kevan Benson wrote:

> 1) Stock fuse, or glusterfs patched fuse?  See 
> http://ftp.zresearch.com/pub/gluster/glusterfs/fuse/.  The Glusterfs team has 
> some changes to some default values in fuse to make it perform better for 
> common glusterfs scenarios, as well as a fix for locking, so you are better 
> off using the glusterfs supplied fuse if you want better performance and or 
> locking.

      Stock because I could get an RPM for it.

> 2) The read-ahead and write-behind translators are there to boost performance 
> for certain scenarios if you know the types of access your mount will be 
> doing much of the time.

      Serial reads and writes mostly.  Very little if any random stuff.

> 3) The real speed benefits arise when you are able to span reads across 
> multiple servers, increasing response and transfer rate.  This is where the 
> real benefits are (as well as redundancy), which NFS can't really compete 
> with (unless you're using Solaris).

      Striping?  I thought that was frowned upon.

> 4) That's a real close benchmark.  Are you sure the medium over which you are 
> transferring the data isn't maxed?  IB or TCP/IP?  100Mbit or 1000Mbit (and 
> server grade or workstation grade cards if gigabit).

      The servers are on gigabit.  It was a preliminary test.  I need
to do it over known gigabit on both ends.  That's next.

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