[Gluster-devel] Bug with group permissions

Geoff Kassel gkassel at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Nov 4 12:39:56 UTC 2007

Hi all,
   I've think I've found a group permissions bug in the latest patches 
committed to the repository. The bug causes permission denied errors for 
non-root users where they should have adequate access.

The following set of commands under a glusterfs mount reproduces the bug for 

   groupmems -a nonrootuser -g randomgroup
   cd /glusterfsmountpoint
   mkdir test
   chown root:randomgroup test
   chmod 770 test
   su - nonrootuser
   cd /glusterfsmountpoint/test # Succeeds
   ls # Permission denied error.
   echo "Hello" > testfile	# Also gives a permission denied error.

To get a successful ls under the non-root user, permissions need to be 775 in 
the test directory. To get a successful file creation, it needs to be 777.

I have noticed that on the initial cd as the non-root user, there seems to be 
the following in the client logs (I'm using AFR/Unify):

2007-11-04 22:36:25 E [afr.c:5654:afr_closedir] shared-namespace-afr: afrfdp 
is NULL, returning EBADFD
2007-11-04 22:36:25 E [afr.c:5654:afr_closedir] shared-dataspace-afr: afrfdp 
is NULL, returning EBADFD
2007-11-04 22:36:25 E [fuse-bridge.c:654:fuse_fd_cbk] glusterfs-fuse: 
1322194: /test => -1 (13)

This bug doesn't cause the server or client to crash. (I have noticed a lot 
of 'E [unify.c:145:unify_buf_cbk] shared: shared-namespace-afr returned 107' 
and random server crashes in general lately, but this appears unrelated.) 

I can provide logs as well as client and server spec files on request.

Kind regards,

Geoff Kassel.

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