[Gluster-devel] Centos 4.4 clients fail to connect to server

Justin McAleer gluster at fehuq.com
Thu May 10 13:42:16 UTC 2007

I'm trying to set up a simple NFS-like test setup with a couple of 
CentOS 4.4 servers. The server (brick) is working fine, but I cannot get 
the client side to work. It seems to not even successfully open a tcp 
connection. CentOS 5 clients are working with the 4.4 server (brick). 
Here is the debug output from glusterfs:

May 10 09:32:16] [DEBUG/client-protocol.c:2796/init()] 
protocol/client:defaulting transport-timeout to 120
[May 10 09:32:16] [DEBUG/transport.c:83/transport_load()] 
libglusterfs/transport:attempt to load type tcp/client
[May 10 09:32:16] [DEBUG/transport.c:88/transport_load()] 
libglusterfs/transport:attempt to load file 
[May 10 09:32:16] [DEBUG/tcp-client.c:174/tcp_connect()] transport: tcp: 
:try_connect: socket fd = 7
[May 10 09:32:16] [DEBUG/tcp-client.c:196/tcp_connect()] transport: tcp: 
:try_connect: finalized on port `1023'
[May 10 09:32:16] [DEBUG/tcp-client.c:220/tcp_connect()] 
tcp/client:try_connect: defaulting remote-port to 6996
[May 10 09:32:16] [DEBUG/tcp-client.c:255/tcp_connect()] 
tcp/client:connect on 7 in progress (non-blocking)
[May 10 09:32:16] [DEBUG/tcp-client.c:293/tcp_connect()] 
tcp/client:connection on 7 still in progress - try later

The server (brick) never sees an incoming connection. I'm running 
1.3.0-pre3 on x86_64, and tried two different machines as clients. In 
fact, the current brick was originally my client (which showed the same 
behavior as above). Any ideas?

I tried turning on the trace translator, but it didn't appear to do 
anything, and glusterfs segfaulted when I ran umount in another terminal 
to "unhang" the process.

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