[Gluster-devel] Error while building glusterFS

Anand Avati avati at zresearch.com
Wed Jan 24 12:16:46 UTC 2007

  your build system probably does not have bison/yacc (look for liby.a)

On Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at 04:04:02AM -0800, Milton Raj wrote:
> I'm successful in executing the './configure --disable-fuse-client' command.
> But, when i try 'make', i'm getting the foll. errors:
> libglusterfs/src/libglusterfs.so: undefined reference to `yyin'
> libglusterfs/src/libglusterfs.so: undefined reference to `yylex'
> I tried to sort out the problem by looking into codes like
> 'glusterfs.c', translator.h,etc,etc
> Please help me in solving this problem.
> Thank YOu
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