[Gluster-devel] GlusterFS: Lame script to simulate several storage nodes on localhost

T0aD toad at 403.sk
Sat Jan 13 17:01:08 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

Following the request of bulde, I'm sending you the lousy scripts I
wrote to quicky generate some nodes ;)

chmod a+x ./create_dir
chmod a+x ./gen_client_conf
chmod a+x ./gen_server_conf
chmod a+x ./storage_cluster

./storage_cluster <number of server nodes>

It wasn't supposed for release so you will have to arrange the script
to your environment.
You will need a sudo, an a glusterfs/ directory which will be the
mount point of glusterFS.


toad at vlk:~/gfs$ ./storage_cluster 10
Starting Storage Cluster with 10 nodes..
Configuring node #0... up! (dir:/home/cfs0 - port:6996)
Configuring node #1... up! (dir:/home/cfs1 - port:6997)
Configuring node #2... up! (dir:/home/cfs2 - port:6998)
Configuring node #3... up! (dir:/home/cfs3 - port:6999)
Configuring node #4... up! (dir:/home/cfs4 - port:7000)
Configuring node #5... up! (dir:/home/cfs5 - port:7001)
Configuring node #6... up! (dir:/home/cfs6 - port:7002)
Configuring node #7... up! (dir:/home/cfs7 - port:7003)
Configuring node #8... up! (dir:/home/cfs8 - port:7004)
Configuring node #9... up! (dir:/home/cfs9 - port:7005)
Mounting partition...
glusterfs:1840 on /home/toad/gfs/glusterfs type fuse
toad at vlk:~/gfs$ touch ./glusterfs/file{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}
toad at vlk:~/gfs$ find /home/cfs[0-9] -type f
toad at vlk:~/gfs$

To remove all configuration files and kill glusterfsd processes, just
run the script uninstall:

toad at vlk:~/gfs$ ./uninstall
removed storage node 0 files
removed storage node 1 files
removed storage node 2 files
removed storage node 3 files
removed storage node 4 files
removed storage node 5 files
removed storage node 6 files
removed storage node 7 files
removed storage node 8 files
removed storage node 9 files
kill all instances of glusterfsd
umounted glusterfs partition
removed configuration file for client
toad at vlk:~/gfs$

Once again: your software rocks guys, thanks a lot

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