[Gluster-devel] Minimal Design Doc for Name Space Cache

Anand Babu Periasamy ab at gnu.org.in
Sat Feb 17 15:54:47 UTC 2007

,----[ Franco Broi writes: ]
| What would be really nice is if this could somehow be implemented in
| a distributed fashion where each server has a copy of the
| metadata. I know this is quite challenging as each copy needs to be
| kept up to date but it would allow Glusterfs to retain its no single
| point of failure.
| We currently have about 150TB of data in a single name space FUSE
| system and the metadata consumes just over 1GB of disk space, this
| represents about 3 million files. So having a copy on each server
| wouldn't be a huge overhead.
Now we are going to do distributedly. Thanks for your valuable

Can you tell us the output of 
 $ find / | wc

Other than dir/file names, do you also store any other information in
your system?

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