[Gluster-devel] about installation of gluster on a slackware system

William Oquendo woquendo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 00:12:52 UTC 2007

Hello all

I am new to the world of clustering and of course to gluster. I am trying to
set up a small cluster of 4 nodes for our research group. We have installed
slackware 12.0 on all the machines, including the server, and that server
offers services like NIS, NFS, DNSMASQ and NTP. Our machines have different
hardaware, so the partition table is different. So I would like to install
gluster in order to exploit our little NAT. My question is: By using Gluster
do I have to clone the server on all the nodes or am I allowed to skip the
cloning step and jump to the install software step on the nodes?

Thanks in advance.

William Oquendo
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