[Gluster-devel] configuration question

Fabrice Charlier fabrice.charlier at uclouvain.be
Wed Aug 8 12:16:40 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I need some advices for configuration of our brand new storage boxes 
with glusterfs.
We have 2 boxes with each 10TB of disk space. This disk space is 
separated in 2TB partitions by autocarving on
hardware controller. I want to aggregate all that disk space with 
glusterfs. I don't want to have HA.
I know that it's possible.  But I would like to know what's the "good 
practice" to implement this configuration.

Thanks in advance,


Fabrice Charlier - fabrice.charlier at uclouvain.be

UCL  - Université Catholique Louvain
FYNU - Institut de Physique Nucleaire
Batiment Marc de Hemptinne (Cyclotron) - Bureau E.253
Chemin du Cyclotron, 2
B 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

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