[Gluster-devel] transport/ib-verbs: server: could not create SRQ

Mickey Mazarick mic at digitaltadpole.com
Mon Aug 6 09:41:55 UTC 2007

I didn't have that exact option, but I did have 
ibv-recv-work-request-count set to 32. I also added the 
ib-verbs-work-request-recv-count option as well. I've tried several 
values there but I still get the same error. I'm running gluter as root 
on a Centos 5 box upgraded to kernel 2.6.20
I actually found it here: 
git link: git://git.openfabrics.org/~vlad/ofed_1_2/.git 

pre-patched with the latest infiniband code from openfabrics.
below is the volume spec I'm using as well.

Thanks for your help :-)


### File: /etc/glusterfs-server.vol - GlusterFS Server Volume Specification

volume main
  type storage/posix
  option directory /mnt/gluster/main
  option debug off

#volume main-io    #iothreads can give performance a boost
#   type performance/io-threads
#   option thread-count 8
#   subvolumes main

volume server
  type protocol/server
#  option transport-type tcp/server     # For TCP/IP transport
# option transport-type ib-sdp/server  # For Infiniband transport
 option transport-type ib-verbs/server # For Infiniband Verbs transport
 option ibv-recv-work-request-size   131072  # Higher performance if its 
equal t     o read-ahead size
 option ibv-recv-work-request-count  32
 option ibv-send-work-request-size   131072  # Higher performance if its 
equal t     o write-behind size
 option ibv-send-work-request-count  32
 option ib-verbs-work-request-recv-count 32

#  subvolumes main-io
 subvolumes main
  option auth.ip.main.allow 192.168.*

### END FILE ###

Anand Avati wrote:
> Mickey,
>  what do you have as 'option ib-verbs-work-request-recv-count <count>' 
> in the server spec file? Also, are you trying to run glusterfsd as non 
> root? which is your distro?
> thanks,
> avati
> 2007/8/6, Mickey Mazarick <mic at digitaltadpole.com 
> <mailto:mic at digitaltadpole.com>>:
>     I'm having trouble getting the ibverbs transport working. I'm new
>     to the
>     infiniband world but the ib network is working correctly. I'm
>     using OFED
>     ver 1.2 but all the docs are for version 1.1.
>     The error in the gluster logs is:
>     [ib-verbs.c:1285:ib_verbs_get_device] transport/ib-verbs: server:
>     could
>     not create SRQ
>     Can someone point me in the right direction?
>     Thanks1
>     -Mickey Mazarick
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