[Gluster-devel] block unserialize transport error with tla 383

Sebastien LELIEVRE slelievre at tbs-internet.com
Fri Aug 3 07:25:25 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

Anand Avati a écrit :
>     ~# time ls /mnt/gluster/home
>     http2
>     real    0m10.863s
>     user    0m0.000s
>     sys    0m0.000s
> is this delay seen only in this particular directory? or any directory
> in general? Does this happen after a remount of the client as well?

This is the glusterfs root directory. There is no other directories
since latency occurs "at this first stage". We would assume it stands
for any directories in general.

Yes, it still occurs after a remount

> avati



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