[Gluster-devel] Re: Make error

Anand Avati avati at zresearch.com
Mon Apr 30 08:40:06 UTC 2007

>    That might be a problem with 'byacc' and 'bison' compatibility. These
> were seen at many places with many other packages. Even the 'bison -y'
> i don't think is fully 'byacc' mode.  As you can see after installing
> bison the error goes away and 'make' is smooth as it has to be.  But
> for having that compatibility check we can add in configure.ac a better
> check for yylval, and yylex function.

Good suggestion, please send a patch to configure.ac to check for yylval


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  sleep (years2secs (7500000)); 
  return 42;

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