[Gluster-devel] write-behind mtime workaround

Brent A Nelson brent at phys.ufl.edu
Fri Apr 27 18:37:24 UTC 2007

On Thu, 26 Apr 2007, Anand Avati wrote:

> Brent,
> I understand what is happening. It is because I/O threads lets the
> mtime overtake the write call. I assume you have loaded io-threads on
> server side (or below write-behind on client side).

Yes, I have io-threads loaded on the server.  This occurs when I load 
write-behind on the client.

> I could provide you a temporary 'ugly' fix just for you if the issue is 
> critical (until the proper framework comes in 1.4)

It would be worthwhile if the temporary fix is acceptable for the 1.3 
release (otherwise, you'll need a warning included with the release, so 
that people enabling io-threads and write-behind know what to expect), but 
don't waste your time if it's just for me.  Push on to 1.4 and the real 
fix; I'll just leave write-behind disabled for now.

Many Thanks,


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