[Gluster-devel] sessions on gluster volume

Vikas Gorur vikas at zresearch.com
Wed Apr 25 15:18:21 UTC 2007

Pooya Woodcock wrote:
> Sorry I spoke too soon,  just ran test.php and it hangs again using 
> patch 122. I thought I was doing good since apache stopped and started 
> cleanly from config files on the gluster volume.
> <?
> session_create();
> ?>

The hanging was due to a bug in the posix xlator, which has been fixed.
I've tested running test.php with the latest tla after loading the 
posix-locks xlator, and it works fine. Let us know if it works for you too.

You'll need to load the posix-locks xlator for record locks to work.

volume locks
   type features/posix-locks
   subvolumes posix


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