[Gluster-devel] Gluster and replication

John Rowe rowe at excc.ex.ac.uk
Tue Apr 17 11:43:13 UTC 2007

I have a few questions about setting up a pair of mirrored servers.
Basically I have an existing user file system and I would like it to
become a bit more robust.

* Is there a simple way of taking an existing file-system and making it
into a brick? A short shutdown to move files within the same file-system
would not be a problem but copying the data to another machine would be
a pain particularly because of the synchronisation issues.

* What happens when one machine goes down and comes back up again? There
was discussion in the archives about automatic recovery in 1.4, this
sounds great but what happens in 1.2? I'm thinking of both graceful
shutdown and hardware failure.

* What will "features/mirror" add? I'm assuming that 1.2 will already do
the basics via afr.

Thanks for all your work on gluster, it looks like the answer to a lot
of people's problems!


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