[Gluster-devel] evaluating glusterfs

Chris Bare chris at bareflix.com
Mon Apr 16 20:42:59 UTC 2007

Hi, I'm researching possible cluster solutions for a web service that serves
lots of relatively small files (2MB or less on average).
I've been leaning toward mogileFS because I know it's deployed on a large
production system (LJ) doing exactly what I need. It also provides replication
and fault tolerance.
I just found out about glusterfs, and am very impressed with the clean design
and the fact that it works at the posix fs level so I won't need to change my

Is glusterfs deployed in any large production system?

I read through the Automatic File Replication examples on the web site, and
while I understand how they work, it seems like a lot of set up is required,
especially as you add more nodes. Is there a way to configure glusterfs to
work more like mogilefs, where a file is saved to 2 or 3 of the storage
servers automatically? It seems like the RR scheduler almost does what I want,
if it could just save the file to a couple of more subvolumes instead of just
Chris Bare
chris at bareflix.com

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