[Gluster-devel] Whole failure when one glusterfsd brought down.

Krishna Srinivas krishna at zresearch.com
Mon Apr 2 11:16:56 UTC 2007

Hi Henrikas,

"option readdir-force-success on" affects only readdir() syscall.
This change is present in glusterfs-1.3.0-pre2.3

And for your setup, have a look at the wiki doc here:

i.e "AFR in clustered mode"

Let us know if you need any help.


> Hi Krishna,
> Sorry to bother you directly, but it seems what your mailinglist is
> currently down, i writting due to "option readdir-force-success on" You
> wrote what it is "a recent change" i wonder is this change added to
> glusterfs-1.3.0-pre2.3 ?
> And from its naming i guess what it is only for reads, what about writes?
> I want to implement 3 server setup, where files would be mirrored twice,
> so if one server were down system would be fully functional for reading
> and writting files, currently I experience same error as Dale... is it
> possible to achieve such result at all?
> IS administratorius
> Henrikas Jureviè
> IT paslaugos jûsø verslui
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