[Gluster-devel] gluster-0.1.0-alpha3

Anand Avati avati at hardcodecafe.com
Thu Sep 29 06:45:14 UTC 2005

   Gluster 0.1.0-alpha3 is now available at


Highlights over 0.1.0-alpha2

* gluster libs entered stage3.
* stage3 probe over cdrom and file system path support
* stage2 contains lot more necessary packages now -
  - atftp/d       [for bootp of clients, should move to stage3]
  - curl          [for http/https/ftp/ftps downloads]
  - dhcp          [client and server, needed for stage3 config]
  - file          [needed for extract.sh kind of scripts]
  - findutils     [general scripting aid]
  - gawk          [general scripting aid]
  - grep          [general scripting aid]
  - gzip          [package extraction, multipurpose]
  - iproute2      [networking configuration]
  - openssh       [scripting level IPC with slave nodes, multipurpose]
  - openssl       [needed by openssh]
  - pcre          [needed by atftp/d]
  - reiserfsprogs [for mkreiserfs etc, probably move to stage3]
  - sed           [general scripting aid]
  - sysvinit      [better alternative than busybox init]
  - tar           [package extractiong, multipurpose]
  - util-linux    [many handy tools]
  - wget          [for http/https/ftp downloads]
  - zlib          [needed by one of the above, dont remember which :)]
  The busybox counterparts of the newly added stuff has been disabled.
* GRUB is now the boot loader instead of isolinux.
* network configuration support enabled in live master node.
* source layout modified to ease migration to cvs.
* hotplug enabled in bootup scripts, disabling some annoying modules.
* build procedure reworked for building master/slave images.
* simple package manager to handle core stage3 extension.

soon to come:

* stage3 extension to boot slave nodes
* Package python object as a package manager for new extensions

Anand V. Avati
finger avati at hardcodecafe.com

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