[Cinder.glusterfs.ci] [Third-party-announce] xio-ise-iscsi-ci is disabled

Anita Kuno anteaya at anteaya.info
Fri Jan 8 18:01:15 UTC 2016

The gerrit account id 14969 with username xio-ise-iscsi-ci is disabled
for continual looping comments on gerrit patch 264056.

The owner of the account is aware and working with us in the
#openstack-infra channel on freenode to get their system fully upgraded.
When the same thing happened in December the issue was fixed however not
all servers from this operator were upgraded with the fix in place.

The many many comments have been removed from patch 264056.

Thank you to irc user Roamer` for alerting infra to this issue, which
unfortunately they discovered when the errant behaviour by xio took down
StorPool's Zuul.

My expectation is to re-enable xio-ise-iscsi-ci after the owner reports
all systems are upgraded. The owner's irc nick is rhedlind or rhe00.

Thank you,

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