[Cinder.glusterfs.ci] [Third-party-announce] Intel PCI CI is disabled

yongli he yongli.he at intel.com
Tue Sep 1 08:47:05 UTC 2015

HI, all

to ensure this CI work correctly, following things will be done:

1. we rolling back to original scripts, that's running for long time,
2. second, we will closely monitoring the states to make sure it will 
running as it did before. jianyu(jyso) will own this.
3. we will make a standard testing procedure to ensure any new change be 
tested fully for days.  i own this one.
4. a automation testing and mantanness system power by ansible is under 
developing ,  to eliminate any human error for running this CI.  this is 
long term but started.

Yongli he

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