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Victor Laza (Cloudbase Solutions SRL) v-vilaz at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 22 16:16:07 UTC 2015


We are working to see where the issues are and will keep everyone posted.

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Resending because I think things got stuck to the list. This CI has been failing quite a bit, and I think it needs to be stable before it starts reporting again. Here's the stats of the last 120 runs:

success count by job:
* microsoft-ci-smb3-linux: 21
* * microsoft-ci-smb3-windows: 32
* * microsoft-ci-iscsi: 32
* failure count by job:
* * microsoft-ci-smb3-linux: 96
* * microsoft-ci-smb3-windows: 85
* * microsoft-ci-iscsi: 85

Also here is the last 60 runs with log failures:


Mike Perez
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