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fio stats with loopback and uds connection mode on latest master

randwrite and randread:
no_jobs: 16 (twice num CPUs)
loops: 2

seqwrite and seqread:
no_jobs: 1
loops: 2

We see some improvement in reads and writes that too in few MBs but not in so
proving qty.

About network load using nload:

We see an equal amount of traffic flowing (in MBPS) across loopback address in
loopback connection mode.
When we switch to uds, the traffic across loopback will be almost nil (some
noise found which is expected)

List of commands:
# fio --name=randwrite --name=randwrite --ioengine=sync --rw=randwrite --bs=4k
--direct=0 --size=512M --nr_files=1 --numjobs=16 --fsync_on_close=1
--end_fsync=1 --fallocate=none --sync=1 --randrepeat=0 --overwrite=0
--directory=/mnt/lustre --loops=2

# fio --name=seqwrite --ioengine=sync --rw=write --bs=1m --direct=0 --size=10G
--nr_files=1 --numjobs=1 --fsync_on_close=1 --end_fsync=1 --fallocate=none
--sync=1 --randrepeat=0 --overwrite=0 --directory=/mnt/lustre --loops=2

# fio --name=randread --ioengine=sync --rw=randread --nr_files=1 --bs=4k
--direct=0 --size=512m --numjobs=16 --fsync_on_close=1 --sync=1 --end_fsync=1
--fallocate=none --randrepeat=0 --invalidate=1 --directory=/mnt/lustre

# fio --name=seqread --ioengine=sync --rw=read --bs=1m --direct=0 --size=50G
--numjobs=1 --fsync_on_close=1 --end_fsync=1 --fallocate=none --randrepeat=0
--invalidate=1 --directory=/mnt/lustre --loops=2

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