[Bugs] [Bug 1787664] Accessing select directories unmounts the filesystem.

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Wed Jan 8 01:25:29 UTC 2020


--- Comment #3 from Calvin Dunigan <cdunigan at axway.com> ---
Unfortunately we have a couple of restrictions.  First, our customer is a
Federal agency and requires governmental clearance to see most data.  More
unfortunately, when the problem first appeared the logs grew so large that they
were filling the root filesystem and were truncated to free up space.  Also,
due to the nature of the customer, SOS is not an option.

I do have some logs that cover a time when the problem was active.  I could
"scrub" those of sensitive data and forward them if you think that would be

Finally, I have found a potential cure.  It seems that the filesystem error
only occurs the first time a file is accessed. (The first time since since the
onset of the problem on Dec. 22.)  So I wrote a shell script that touched every
file, and for those that crashed the filesystem, it killed the glusterfs proc,
remounted and continued.  So far, the problem hasn't recurred for any given
file.  I have no way of knowing if this is a permanent cure (it's certainly not
a fix) or if the problems will come back.  I only mention it in the hopes that
it may provide some insight into the problem.

Let me know if the logs that cover only a portion of the time that the issue
was present will be of value.

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